“I found the session today very helpful. i have taken at least three things away from it .. self-care, my whole self and to start writing! there was so much more but for now that is what stands out! It was very helpful. it helped me to get a focus. There are so many things going on. It doesn’t move on if you don’t have focus. It was helpful to get focus on actions. To stay with it and come out of it with outcomes and actions. It is helpful talking to you, someone outside of the circle, objective. 

This CEO of a non-profit brought topics such as board management, succession planning, governance of the organization, the need to have clear roles and responsibilities in place.


“I value our sessions and want to schedule more. I feel much better at the end of our session with a to-do list, a vision, a whiteboard, and I feel a greater sense of certainty and purpose in these floating times with no markers along the way. I feel better and energized. I didn’t expect to feel this good afterwards! I went from not feeling useful to realizing that the actions I am taking are actually in line with my vision. I am really grateful for the session. My actions are in line with my vision but it took the coaching session to help me realize that. Really helpful, I didnt know where i wanted to go, the session has really cleared the fog, you’re tremendous!”

This founder brought topics such as building a business, getting clear on the vision and aligning actions with the vision.